(The Gulf War seen from
Puerto Rico)

Found footage, audio, 2017
3 h 53 min 28 sec

Theatre of Operations (or The Gulf War seen from Puerto Rico) is a 3-part compilation of found footage following the life of Alia Farid’s family during the 1990-91 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and their escape from Kuwait to Puerto Rico. The multifaceted piece explores the urgency and complexity of the Middle East’s political landscape from the prespective/vantage point of Puerto Rico within its own subordinate position to the United Sates, and through the voices and bodies of the people who inhabit it.

On exhibit from 09 Nov 2017- 25 Feb 2018 at Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), Una Cierta Investigación Sobre las Imágenes: Building Ghost Transmission curated by Michy Marxuach and alongside works by Jorge González (Escuela de Oficio), Harun Farocki, Walid Raad, Carolina Caycedo, Teresa Margolles, Luca Frei, Raimond Chaves & Gilda Mantilla, Silvia Navarro and Diego del Pozo. See exhibition catalogue here.

                            Part 1 – 70 mins 1 sec

                            Part 2 – 73 mins 14 sec

                            Part 3 – 69 mins 13 sec